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Kenneth Skinner, Ph.D. is Vice President of Risk & Evaluation Products for Integral Analytics, an analytical software and management consulting firm focused on operational, planning, and market research solutions. Dr. Skinner has over 20 years’ experience in evaluation and risk measurement, having worked as an energy consultant with PHB Hagler Bailly and Financial Times (FT) Energy, and as the Derivative Structuring Manager for the retail energy supplier Sempra Energy Solutions. He has his Ph.D. from Colorado School of Mines, in Mineral Economics, with an emphasis in Operations Research, an MBA from Regis University and his BS in Engineering from Letourneau University.

Dr. Skinner is a nationally recognized expert in economic evaluation and modeling of energy assets including energy storage, distribution and generation, efficiency and demand response, renewable energy alternatives, financial derivatives and structured contracts using net present value, econometric and statistical methods, optimization principles, and real option valuation techniques. Dr. Skinner is currently the technology columnist for Wiley Natural Gas and Electricity Journal and is a noted speaker on energy related topics for organizations such as AESP, IAEE, ACEEE, PLMA, IEPEC, INFORMS, Infocast, EUCI, SNL Energy and PGS Energy Training.

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Using the proper analysis technique can have a serious bottom line impact when valuing a large multi-million dollar asset. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the various approaches used to value energy assets and supply obligations as real options. Increase your firm's profits with proven practical techniques for: 1) hourly, daily, and forward electric, gas and oil price strategies; 2) determining optimal spark spread boundaries; injection and withdraw storage schedules and transport loading 3) measuring the hidden value in uncertainty and optionality; 4) valuing uncertain demand, default, delivery and other structured supply risk.

This proven online seminar features the same material used in the popular PGS in-person classroom training program. Register today and join the over 10,000 energy professionals who have already benefited from an in-depth PGS seminar.

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  1. The pros and cons of net present value (NPV), decision analysis (DA), and real options (RO) valuation techniques.
  2. Understand the deficiencies of marginal cost valuation, and learn how to develop a real-options approach based on forward price simulation of fuel and energy markets.
  3. The most common financial pricing models including start-to-finish development of the GBM and Mean Reversion (Jump Diffusion) models which will be defined, regressed, and simulated.
  4. The relationship between financial options and real options, and the three methods of valuing options - Black Scholes, binomial trees, and Monte Carlo simulation.
  5. How Black Scholes, binomial trees, and Monte Carlo simulation method are applied to value natural gas storage, electric generation, energy portfolios and structured supply contracts.
  6. The role of volatility, portfolio considerations, and risk management implications to asset pricing and valuation. options
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The course is designed for those who desire a fundamental understanding of this vital topic including utility employees, commission staff, energy service professionals, and others. The course is not overly analytical, but rather summarizes important techniques used by professionals.

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This seminar assumes a fundamental knowledge of statistics, options and futures markets.

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PGS seminars are known for their clear explanations and in-depth content. Register for a PGS class today, and join the over 10,000 energy professionals who have already attended one of PGS's proven programs.

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