"I truly enjoyed John Adamiak's seminar and the topics covered where perfect! I appreciated John's genuine interest in making sure we all grasped the key concepts and his willingness to go the extra mile. The seminar examples really helped everything come together, and I learned so much in such a short amount of time."
-- Jenny Joliet, Counsel, NiSource
"John Adamiak's seminar course The Fundamentals of the U. S. Electric Power Industry provides in a short time frame an excellent foundation in how electricity is moved, bought, sold, and traded in the major power markets in the U. S. Beginning with some basics in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as key features of regulation, this course builds understanding step-by-step, resulting in a clear grounding in how the overall system works. John's strong ability to tie basic generalities directly to real-life situations and actual power markets and to compare electricity with analogous energy operations and markets, such as that for natural gas, is extraordinary and breathes life into every section of the course. I can see how this course would be invaluable for anyone craving a background in electricity markets--attorneys, financial and marketing executives, regulators, educators, and energy-project developers."
-- William Ellis, retired CEO, Northeast Utilities, currently Resident Fellow, Yale University Environmental School
"John Adamiak is a dynamic speaker with a wealth of information and knowledge on a wide range of topics which enables him to respond to the needs of his program participants on an individualized basis. John is able to walk you through a tremendous amount of complex material in a short period of time with his personalized and informed teaching style and the aid of his well prepared support materials. Of all the training courses I have attended over the years I have found John’s to be one of the best."
-- Bobbie J. McCartney, Deputy Chief Judge, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
"I thought the seminar was fantastic. The instructor gave very relevant examples and explained the material fully. John clearly understood the market side and fully understood and conveyed the math behind the structures. I would recommend this instructor and course to anyone in the industry. It's well worth the time."
-—Francesca Drew, Electricity Trader, Sunoco Inc.
"The instructor and seminar materials were terrific - The course was well-organized and the instructor paced the material with the comprehension of the audience. I have already recommended the course to several of my coworkers, telling them that the investment of time and money was well worth it."
-- John Caldwell, Director of Economic Policy, Edison Electric Institute
"Excellent seminar. Dr. Kenneth Skinner was great. I am very glad I attended and would like to attend additional training from Dr. Skinner."
-- Craig Blume UGI Energy Services
"This is one of the best seminars I have attended in the last few years. The seminar was very very informative. The instructor, Greg Peters, was top-notch, and the material was relevant and interesting. Greg completely knows his material, and adds so much value with his vast experience in the natural gas industry."
-- Darcy McFarlen, NorthPoint Energy Solutions
"A tremendous amount of information was imparted in a short period of time. The delivery was clear and well paced, the examples were well chosen and relevant, and the whole experience was most rewarding in terms of knowledge acquired and meaningful discussions"
-- Horacio Perez-Blanco, Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
"Peter Fusaro is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of carbon related subject matter, not just the trading side of it. Peter presented a highly fluid and developing topic very well in a short period of time. Pre-course material brought me up to speed and prepared me better for the seminar. I cannot offer any suggestions for improvement."
-- Al Krawczak, Windrock Inc.
"We greatly enjoyed our seminar with Soli Forouzan. Soli is a terrific communicator, intelligent, easy to understand, well prepared, and interesting."
-- Bradley Florer, Energy Trader, Kottke Associates
"I learned exactly the type of concepts I came to learn. I felt as if the class had been designed specifically for me. John did an excellent job explaining a very complex topic. Very rich content. The presentation materials are great! Thanks for a great class!"
-- Albert Mora, Manager of Economic Analysis, NiSource
"Excellent. I thought it was one of the most effectively organized presentations I have ever heard on some very complex, fluid topics."
-- Cynthia Randolph, West Virginia Public Service Commission
"I found the course to be very good and John’s knowledge of energy futures, options and derivatives to be extensive."
-- Joseph Henderson, Senior Vice President, Entergy Corporation
"Greg Peters did a fantastic job of presenting this complex issue and he did it in a very informative way that kept my interest alive for the full duration of the seminar. Please pass on my thanks to Greg for doing such a great job!"
-- Brian Gibbs, ABS
"Excellent. Very comprehensive. Instructor explains material very well and complicated transactions in a simple way... from detail to overview."
-- Esther Ro, Consolidated Edison of New York
"John does an excellent job of presenting an unbiased view of the markets. He is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to discuss all the regional variations in market structure and regulation with ease. I enjoyed the diversity of backgrounds in the class and being able to hear the real-world implications of the material we were talking about."
-- Jessica Zahnow, Argus Media
"Excellent. The seminar training and materials were well done and very comprehensive. The instructor Mr. John Adamiak was excellent. Good communicator and very knowledgeable about the subject matter."
-- Douglas Cox, Idaho Public Utilities Commission
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging. I learned a great deal."
-- Levonce D. Baldwin, Financial Auditor, DTE Energy
The seminar was excellent and definitely exceeded my expectations. Greg Peters is an excellent instructor and I would recommend this class as well as look to take more of his classes."
-- Chris Hild Director of gas Operations Novec Energy Solutions
"Instructor was very good. Extremely knowledgeable and was able to adjust pace to suit the class."
-- Jeff Steinhorn VP, Chief Information Officer, Hess Corporation
"The seminar was excellent. The instructor, Kenneth Skinner, was very personable and knowledgeable of the topic. I would recommend this seminar to others and I may even attend it again in the future as a refresher."
-- Ben Montoya, Principal Resource Planner, San Diego Gas & Electric Co.
"John Adamiak is an excellent instructor. He had a great command of the material and gave us very good examples in this seminar."
-- Michael Bayer, Director of Accounting, Exelon Power
"The instructor, Greg Peters, is extremely knowledgeable and did a fantastic job!"
-- Dawn Sabo, Sr. Financial Analyst, Shell Exploration & Production Company
"John did a great job! Thank you."
-- Astrid Wilke, Vice President, RZB Finance LLC
"John did a great job of presenting the material in a way that was easy to understand. It was very thorough and comprehensive. I walked away with a much greater understanding of the utility world. Thank you!"
-- Heather Schleicher, Contract Administrator, PPL EnergyPlus, LLC
"The seminar was great! John did an excellent job of explaining the power industry. His presentation was engaging and well crafted. I would recommend the seminar to anyone interested in an overview of the industry."
-- Matthew Daniel, BG North America LLC
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