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Grid Batteries Commissioning and Performance Testing -- On-demand August 2020
1.5 Hour on-demand seminar with Live Q&A
Available Now (15 day access)

Click here for a brief video overview from Dr. Randell.

Insightful online training program on de-risking battery procurements with Grid Batteries Commissioning and Performance Testing with an exciting team of instructors who are recognized as experts and practitioners with many years of experience with grid battery testing with deep expertise in Lithium Ion and Flow Battery technologies. The advantage of this online training is that you receive first-hand experience through multiple instructors and expertise and comprehensive and detailed insights of the latest on testing of grid batteries with perspective use cases, commissioning, testing, performance compliance, communication systems, and testing protocols and standards. 

This proven online training program features the same material used in the popular PGS in-person classroom seminar. Register today and join the over 10,000 industry professionals who trust PGS for their energy training needs.

What You Will Learn
  1. Introduction to BESS Testing
    1. BESS Systems
    2. Testing Standards
    3. BESS Use Cases
    4. Communication Protocols
    5. Instrumentation
    6. SCADA
    7. Controls and Automation
  2. BESS Testing
    1. Test Beds
    2. Test Configurations
    3. Test Protocols
    4. Test Specifications
    5. Compliance Reports
  3. Testing Categories:
    1. Commissioning Tests
    2. Performance Tests
    3. Durability Tests
    4. Safety Tests
  4. Performing Tests:
    1. Test Setup
    2. Test Signals
    3. Performing Tests
    4. Data Collection
    5. Analysis


How This Online Course Works

Get the best of both worlds with this blended learning approach.

  1. Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule as you first enjoy the internet-streamed, on-demand seminar. Speed up, slow down, or repeat sections of the presentation.
  2. Upon completion, join us for one of our regularly scheduled live online Q&A sessions. A calendar of live Q&A dates and times is provided in the program access instructions you will receive. You can also email your questions directly to the instructor.
Course Access

You will receive immediate online access to the on-demand training presentation. The audio for the online seminar is only available through your computer or other Internet connected device. You will also receive links in your access instructions to PDFs for all the presentation materials in case you want to print or keep a copy.

The on-demand training presentations are available for a total of 15 days from the time any one of the training presentations is first accessed. After 15 days, your access to the on-demand presentations will expire. However the PDF formatted training program slides and other documents you receive are yours to keep.

Your Instructor
Dr. Randell Johnson & Team
CEO Acelerex

Dr. Randell Johnson

Dr. Johnson has expertise and experience in the testing and data analysis of battery energy storage systems. Dr. Johnson has invented and developed software for battery testing, analytics, and battery real time control. He is expert at stacked services use cases for batteries and testing performance of battery systems. Dr. Johnson has assisted with the controls commissioning of several in front of the meter and behind the meter battery projects.  A Harvard Business Case has been written for energy storage that includes methods pioneered by Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson holds a Ph.D. in Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MS in Economics from Cass Business School, UK, and a Utility Corporate Finance Certificate for Gas and Electric Utilities from UConn Business School.

Paul Leufkens

Paul works with Southern Research in BESS testing and was formerly with KEMA and DNV-GL and has decades of international experience of developing test beds, testing specifications, test plans, preparing test protocols, running High Voltage and Energy Storage tests. Paul assisted with the NY-BEST Rochester battery test  as well as Southern Research battery lab test  set up.  Paul has experience with in-front of the meter  and behind the meter BESS testing on cell and on system level.

Paul holds an Electrical Engineering MS degree from Delft University of Technology  


Dr. Dagmar Becker

Dr. Becker is a Senior Engineer with Southern Research and focuses on testing and analysis of large battery systems. Dr. Becker has 10 years of experience of cradle-to-grave energy storage system manufacturing, performance, durability and safety. Dr. Becker was formerly with EPRI, Primus Power, and Bosch and has experience and expertise with a large variety of battery technologies such as flow batteries and lithium ion batteries.

Dr. Becker has PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Masters and Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from The University of Kiel. 


Dr. Alyssa McQuilling

Dr McQuilling is an Advanced Environmental Engineer at Southern Research and is experienced at running tests and analyzing data of battery energy storage systems.  Dr. McQuilling has developed test plans, test protocols, and ran numerous tests, and prepared reports for battery energy storage testing.

Dr. McQuilling has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in Environmental Engineering, Masters of Science in Environmental Health Engineering, and Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering from North Carolina State University.


Program Pricing
$245 for single attendee, $195 per attendee thereafter.
Special pricing is available for groups. Please click here for more information.

If you have additional questions please email or call (440) 853-1038.
Payment and Cancellations

Payment is required prior to training program access. Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or corporate check. Your credit card will be charged at the time of registration unless other arrangements have been made.

Cancellations for online training programs can be made before the program access instructions are sent by PGS, and cancellations will result in a credit. For more information on PGS policies regarding administrative matters and complaint resolution, please contact our offices at (440) 853-1038.

Who Should Attend

Among those who will benefit from this online training include procurement teams, energy and electric power executives; attorneys; government regulators; traders & trading support staff; marketing, sales, purchasing & risk management personnel; accountants & auditors; plant operators; engineers; and corporate planners.

Types of companies that typically attend this program include energy producers and marketers; utilities; banks & financial houses; industrial companies; accounting, law firms; municipal utilities; government regulators and electric generators.

Prerequisites and Advance Preparation

This fundamental level online training program has no prerequisites. No advance preparation is required .

Why Choose PGS?

PGS training programs are known for their clear explanations and in-depth content. Register today, and join the over 10,000 industry professionals who trust PGS with their energy training needs.